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Logo Design

A logo is a name, symbol, brand or trademark adopted by an organization to identify its products or services.


Good logo design helps people remember your business - the right logo can be one of your strongest marketing tools. Key Custom Design offers 2 comprehensive logo packages to begin branding your business identity. Our Professional Logo Package starts at only $455.00 and the Deluxe Logo Package includes business card and stationary design.

Hamilton Ridge Housing Development Logo

Community Development Logo

Coffee Shop Logo Design

Coffee Shop Logo

Learn about our Professional Logo Package & Deluxe Logo Package

Clean Air Plus Air Purifiers

Ecommerce Air Purifiers Logo

Strong Tower Family Church Logo

Family Church Logo

IT Consulting Company

IT Consulting Company Logo

Kid's Planet Logo

Kid's Planet Logo

A well-designed logo will help customers remember you later and attract potential clients. GET STARTED TODAY.

Croppin' Cove Retreat Logo

Holiday Rental Logo

Sugar Cane Events and Promotions Logo

Events and Promotions Logo

Watermarke Logo

Community Development Logo

Belmonte Heights Logo

Community Development Logo

Consider these pointers when evaluating your existing logo or designing a new one.
Is your logo:

  • Scalable: Does not appear "fuzzy" when printed in different sizes.
  • Practical: Looks good in black and white as well as color - some logos are indistinguishable on faxes and newspaper ads.
  • Simple: Design simpicity makes a logo easier for customers to recognize and remember.
  • Appropriate: Is your logo consistant with the purpose, personality and tone you wish to convey?
  • Distinctive: Your logo should be unique - no "clip-art".
  • Focused: Conveys ONE message - great designs support a single aspect of positioning.

We look forward to creating YOUR OUTSTANDING LOGO.