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As both a fine artist and a graphic designer, I specialize
in the visual presentation of words.
John Langdon


50 Surefire Business Card Tips

Business cards are one of the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools you can use. Here are 50 surefire tips to make the most out of your business cards:

Mario Sanchez

e-Marketing Principles and Practices

It is critical that the right marketing strategies are utilized in order to help an organization attain goals in a timely manner and establish a strong web presence. Identifying in advance what the customer needs and wants prior to presenting the business over the net will influence the design of the website and marketing campaign.

Gregory T. Clark

E-business Strategic Planning

Developing an e-business requires extensive research and planning in order to be successful in cyberspace. This planning involves the development of a solid and concise business plan, and a focused marketing plan well before a website is created. An e-business plan must have clearly defined goals as it is difficult for any business organization to stay on track if there are no goals in place for guidance.

Gregory T. Clark

The Meaning of Color for Designers

What Is Color? What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK? Which colors should I choose for my design? Read more to glean useful tips on color design.

Janine Horak (Specific color information from

10 Basic Website Design Tips

Follow these 10 basic website design tips to ensure success when designing or developing your web site.

Janine Horak (Revision of Sally Strackbein's original article)

Principles of Great Logo Design

Effective logos incorporate certain basic design principles. Discover why you may need a logo to represent your business, or reevaluate your existing company logo. A properly designed logo is one of the simplest ways to create brand recognition.

Janine Horak